Jami Opitz

Jami Opitz is the administrative assistant for Barry Law, Inc., and has been with our firm for over 20 years. When clients call the firm, Jami's is often the first voice they will hear. From the first phone call to the resolution of their legal case, and for all matters in between, Jami assists our clients in every way possible.

Jami’s strengths include responding promptly and informatively to our clients’ questions and concerns, and her detailed knowledge of every file within the office. Mr. Barry has been approached on hundreds of occasions with compliments on Jami’s performance and personality. Her efficiency and helpful nature have made her an invaluable asset to the firm, and clients appreciate that she helps keep their costs down by skillfully handling those aspects of a case that don't require an attorney's training.

Jami has worked on and has been responsible for over 6,000 real estate files on behalf of our clients. In addition to her intimate knowledge of all things real estate, she is also proficient in the preparation of estate planning and probate documents.