Legal Referral Service

While we strive to serve all of our clients’ needs, Barry Law, Inc. does not practice in all areas of the law, instead concentrating in those in which we have the greatest knowledge and experience. However, while we may not handle a particular type of matter, we have a network of trusted colleagues to whom we can refer it.

We are confident in the capability of our referral attorneys because we have witnessed their experience and skill. Whether it is a criminal case, divorce matter, bankruptcy, or other matter, we can connect you with highly qualified legal professionals who are able to address your legal needs.

Because our clients have come to rely on us, Barry Law, Inc. is often their first call for any legal issue. We truly strive to be a “one-stop” shop for all of your legal needs. If we don't offer the service you need, we are committed to guiding you successfully to an attorney who does. If you need advice for any legal matter, call us first and we will help ensure that your situation is addressed by the attorney who is best suited to help you.