About Us

Located in the Mount Greenwood neighborhood of Chicago, Kevin Barry and Barry Law, Inc. have been serving Chicagoland for over twenty-five years. Our firm is built on the belief that if we offer our clients knowledgeable advice and personal service, they will keep coming back, and will send their friends, family, neighbors, and colleagues to our door. We are proud that a large portion of our business comes from repeat clients and references from clients who are satisfied with our work. We believe this is because of our approach to practice as outlined below.

We Build and Sustain Relationships

At Barry Law, Inc., we strive to build a relationship with every client. While most clients come to us with a specific legal problem or need, we try to look beyond the immediate issue to the client's broader goals, working to prevent conflicts and maximize benefit. We want to be there for our clients, not just now, but for their future legal needs as well.

We Do a Few Things, and Do Them Well

Our firm concentrates its practice in a few areas of the law. We limit our practice in this way because we want to maintain the focus and the level of skill our clients have come to count on. We would rather do a few things very well than do many things poorly, so we focus on real estate law, business law, and estate planning/probate law. There is no substitute for experience. Narrowing our focus to a few practice areas has allowed us to gain valuable experience in handling the matters requested by our clients.

Put Clients First—Always

Our clients come to trust us and usually turn to us first when they have a legal concern. Although we are always ready to assist our clients with matters in which we are experienced, we know that they will occasionally have legal needs outside our purview. When that happens, we gladly refer them to other attorneys we know and trust, and to whom we would refer our own friends and family. For our firm, the point is to make sure that our clients receive the help and support they need, even if it comes from someone else. At Barry Law, Inc., we have found that putting the client's needs first is the best business model.

We invite you to learn more about our team, our services, and what clients say about Barry Law, Inc.