Property Reports

An available service Barry Law, Inc. offers to real estate speculators is a detailed Property Report Package to assist clients in fully evaluating a prospective real estate investment.

A Property Report Package includes the following:

  1. A Comparative Market Analysis (through a qualified and licensed Illinois real estate broker) indicating the current value of the property, sale prices of similar properties recently closed, and a suggested acquisition price;
  2. A title search disclosing any potential defects on title such as overdue taxes, mechanic’s liens, or mortgages recorded against the property;
  3. A projected sales price, based upon the parameters given to Barry Law, Inc. of the extent of the rehabilitation work.

The Property Report Package provides our clients with all the valuable information necessary to properly evaluate a potential real estate investment. The Report is one-stop shopping to quickly evaluate your next rehab!

Please contact Barry Law, Inc. to more fully discuss the advantages of a Property Report Package.